Kloot Box offers the unique experience of South Korean pop culture through a subscription box filled with all types of exclusive KPOP merchandise and Korean snacks.

Kloot Box’s founder, Justin, has always had a vision and dream for KPOP to become a worldwide sensation. And it has. Throughout the years, KPOP has only ever kept growing, continually impacting and influencing the world with KPOP idols' amazing work ethic and natural talent.

With the breakthrough of KPOP Groups like BTS and BLACKPINK in the global stage, it has opened an unprecedented amount of coverage and acceptance for other idols/group and KPOP in general. We believe this is only the start, and we have made it our goal to help further spread the word about KPOP worldwide by providing global fans a fun way of collecting, cherishing, and supporting their favorite KPOP idols. 

Welcome to the Kloot Box family.