A person with items from a Kloot Box next two a drawing of the band BTS

A KPOPPIN' Subscription Box for global fans.

The perfect gift for a KPOPPER: Kloot Box specially curates a box full of mystery KPOP merch, K-snacks & more straight to your door every /season/. Support & Embrace your KPOP Biases from home.

Two persons with two Kloot Boxes sorrounded by drawings of the band RED VELVET

The perfect K-Box to share with friends!

Kloot Box is the perfect gift to yourself and especially for a fellow KPOP friend to enjoy with! You can expect a wide variety of fun and yummy goodies in each season's box :)

/How it works/

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1. Select your subscription plan~

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2. Choose your favorite KPOP group...

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3. Enjoy KPOP merch + Korean snacks!

What's inside KLOOT BOX?

Welcome to the Kloot Box Fam.

KPOP Fever has only just begun! It is Kloot Box's goal to help further spread the love of KPOP worldwide by providing fans a fun & accessible way of collecting, cherishing, and supporting their favorite idols.

A person with a Kloot Box next to a drawing of the band STRAY KIDS